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All About Wine with Lucy Huffman of UVA Wines

Wine is as integral to French culture as is community to life in Brooklyn. Thus, in the spirit (or ‘spirits’!) for neighborhood amour, we present Lucy Huffman, General Manager and Buyer of UVA Wines.

Hailing from Washington State, Lucy brings an experienced, fun, and friendly teaching style to LFBK or our collaborative Winter Wine Workshop. (Snag your ticket before last call!)

Read on to “sample” a “taste” of what makes UVA so special, Lucy so awesome, and the Winter Wine Workshop unmissable!

LFBK: Hey Lucy! Thanks for talking with us (BTW if it was only just past noon we would be talking AND sipping!)

Lucy: Hi!

LFBK: We hear we are not only Brooklynite neighbors, you too have spent significant time across the Atlantic, is that right?

Lucy: Yes. 11-ish years, with a year break living in Italy and Germany.

LFBK: Groovy! We both also live and work in Greenpoint/Williamsburg Brooklyn. What is your fave part of that?

Lucy: The community, both in the neighborhoods and then within work the wine/food/restaurant community is always inspiring.

LFBK: 100% In NYC communities are always changing and growing. It is so super to watch the evolution of expansion and inclusion take place. UVA, being so established knows that well I am sure. Can you give us a little history lesson on the shop?

Lucy: Sure! We’ve been open about 13 years, first in the mall then on North 6th and now at Bedford & North 4th. Seeing Bedford Ave change so dramatically around us has been interesting but we have so many loyal customers that keep us thriving, we’re very lucky.

LFBK: As General Manager and Buyer, how does your average day at UVA go down?

Lucy: Tasting, deciding what to buy, organizing shipments, lots of emails and helping customers pick out wine.

LFBK: Hey! That sounds like my day, aside from the ‘wine tasting’ part… Seriously though, what is it about wine that entices you as a professional? What drives your study and seeking of continued experience and knowledge?

Lucy: Before wine I was in the Art world, mostly working at galleries and I traveled a ton. Wine taste is very subjective, something I think is often overlooked in the way it’s marketed. It’s also so much about the story of a place, it was another way for me to travel and critique artwork. Plus my happy place is a dinner table filled with friends, wine and food.

LFBK: That is so cool. More than meets the …tongue…for sure.

No surprise we are partial to French wine. In your auspicious opinion, what makes French wine unique (aka THE BEST!)?

Lucy: France has a long and intricate history of winemaking that has shaped the world of wine.

LFBK: True. True. No disagreement there. As for choosing a French wine, what should customers aim for?

Lucy: I think it’s great to find a region or style you enjoy and then drink through the variations. Whenever shopping for wine I think it’s great to get comfortable asking experts for help and to keep an open mind. There’s so much out there! Drinking the same wine every time is like reading the same book over and over, I promise it’s a richer experience if you are open to trying new things.

LFBK: How important is price?

Lucy: It does change the ability of what tools that winemaker can use. If you’re buying wine for under $10 then machines are harvesting those grapes (not sorting out rotten ones or animals or leaves) and if you want the flavors oak brings then it should cost more (new oak is 15k a barrel) so there are lots of factors there. I also believe in buying something of quality but something you won’t resent. Everyone has a different budget, just be mindful about what is important to you as a consumer and how much you’ll pay for that.

LFBK: Moment of truth: White or Red?

Lucy: Thank goodness I’ll never have to choose! I think there’s more range in whites if I had to drink one over the other. However in this winter weather red is all I’m daydreaming about.

LFBK: Us too! Red and winter are like peaches and cream and crepes.

Oh gosh, look at the time! I am parched … (aka Wine Time!) Before we clink glasses and drink the afternoon away, we want to offer a huge thanks to both Lucy and UVA. What a savory treat to have you with us for Friday, February 8th’s Winter Wine Workshop.

There are only so many glasses to go ‘round – buy your ticket today!


Learn French Brooklyn

PS: Well known throughout in Williamsburg and Greenpoint as a friendly and knowledgeable resource for Vino lovers, LFBK is proud to feature UVA as an LFBK Business Buddy.

Have a French focused business? Want to buddy up? Contact us to discuss possible partnership opportunities.


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