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The greatest hits from the questions students most frequently ask. Read on to find your recent inquiry. Don’t see your question? Pas de soucis! Contact us, and we’ll get you all the info you seek.

  • Why learn French (Brooklyn)?
    BIG and great question! Whether French is your forgein language learning foray, or your fifth - the skills you gain from doing so will open up your world and life. Join the LFBK family to: Travel in numerous French speaking countries and regions with added ease; Explore with an insider's advantage the bounty of French culture, art, and literature; Turn off subtitles; Enjoy Proust as he would prefer; Gain a better grasp on grammar, etymology, syntax, and vocabulary applicable to English and numerous other languages; Buy wine like a sommelier; Flirt better; Get into “football”; Meet NEW people Increase brain health - #fact
  • What happens in class?
    A typical group class involves the review of homework assignments, speaking and conversation practice as well as instruction of the weekly course material. LFBK teachers assign weekly homework reviewing the most recent lesson and preparing the class for the following week. Each LFBK group class is 2 hours in length. No set break, but you are more than welcome to grab a drink or snack as you feel you need or want. The kitchen on the 2nd floor of The Yard has complimentary tea, coffee, and water.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    Thanks for asking! We totally get it - NYC is busy, jobs and families demanding. Commitments can fall by the wayside. LFBK is your French language accountability partner - students who miss class have an opportunity to schedule a makeup private lessons with their teacher via an in person or virtual private class for an additional fee. Private makeup classes are $65/hour. Payment must be received prior to your session. Submit payment here. If available, contact us to discuss joining another class of the same level on an alternate day. Keep in mind: It is always helpful if you can give us an absentee heads-ups so you and your teacher can plan accordingly, the earlier in the Semester the better!
  • What if my schedule changes mid-semester and I can no longer make class?
    Quelle déception! (a.k.a. What a ``bummer”!) But not a deal-breaker. If you are part of a level that has multiple classes running each week we will simply move you to an alternate time; If that is not the case, or the alternate option does not fit your needs, we will do what we can to make sure you don’t miss a French learning beat. A solution might involve private classes, participation in specialty workshops, or postponement of study to a future semester. Please note, there no refunds for group classes after you attend your first class. Please refer to our Refund & Cancellation Policy.
  • How do private classes work? Where do we meet and what times are available?
    LFBK private classes are held either in person or online via Zoom or Skype. Sessions are scheduled at least 1 week in advance, cancellation or rescheduling up to 24 hours prior to appointment time. We require 6 hour minimum bookings. Private lessons require a minimum booking of 1 hour per session. We offer flexible scheduling for our private classes. This means: You pick the pace of your classes (1x, 2x, 3x a week or more - depending on your instructor's schedule) You pick the time and day of your classes. You can change the time and day from one week to the other (depending on your instructor's schedule) We offer private sessions at a discounted rate for our current group class students needing make-up, extra tutoring, or a deeper exploration of the class curriculum. Contact us for more information as well as semi-private and small team rates. Please refer to our Private Class make-up and cancellation policy here.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Your French learning goals are ours too. You want to learn. We are here to help. Thus if there is a request for a refund - we want to learn more - no longer able to make class? Not meeting your goals? Confused? Frustrated? Let us know - we’ll do what we can to ensure satisfaction. Please refer to our group & private lessons cancellation policies.
  • Do you have any kind of payment plans available?
    We do not offer payment plans at this time. If you require assistance through an installment payment plan, please reach out to us at
  • Do you have discounts currently running? How do I find out about ongoing upcoming deals and sales?
    Join our mailing list! That is the best savings bet. Social Media is also a great way to stay in the savings loop. But wait! There is more! Currently enrolled LFBK students are guaranteed a discount on future semesters and events if they register during the run of the current semester. The ‘deal’ comes in dollars AND in knowledge!
  • I have studied French elsewhere - recently and/or in the not-so-recent past - what LFBK class level should I take? How do I know what is best for moi?
    Contact us for a Placement Test. That is the best assessment of where to place yourself in our school community.
  • What if I have a question about my homework - can I get help from my teacher?
    Oui! You sure can! Teachers email students a class summary. As you study throughout the week, this email is to serve as a reference, but also as an invitation to connect with your teacher and fellow students. Teachers can answer direct questions via email; however, if there is more than one area and desire for greater dialogue about a lesson - a private session is the best way to get the TLC (Tender Loving - Private Class - Care) you wish.
  • Do I have to buy a textbook?
    No. For group lessons, we provide a textbook & audio files to serve as long term learning tool - a guidebook for your French language learning journey. Topical, accessible, attractive, and fun - all materials we choose to aide and facilitate our student’s education are done so with conscientious care. Your success and enjoyment is ours as well.
  • Help! I am hungry? What about bringing a drink or a snack to class?
    Is that your tummy or your French I hear? Oui, a subtle sipping of a lite beverage or nibble is a-OK. Take out, odiferous or alcoholic indulgences, full meals, crinkly wrappers, or crumb shedding treats are not encouraged. Food and Vino are the focus of many of our cultural and social meet-ups; however, semester classes and workshops are best facilitated by the absence of distracting edibles.
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