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Earbud Buddies: LFBK French Podcast Picks

At the gym. On the train. Traipsing boro-to-boro, across sidewalks, intersections, bridges. Cleaning the house. Cooking. Nodding off. Getting set for the day. Your earbuds blasting away. Your brain is open, intellect ready, and need for entertainment is high.

Serial is so-so. S*&t Town good enough. Radiolab we amour you fo sho. But what about the rest of the Globe? What if you could touch base, listen up, tune it and touch-down with our French Friends? Round out your LFBK classes with some auditory immersion thanks to these popular, practice enhancing podcasts from across the big blue:

Basic Bests:

Daily French Pod – a shorty-but-goodie show to enhance understanding and pronunciation on-the-go. Multimedia multitask – it’s tout bon

Coffee Break French Ear friendly French learning aide for every level. A java shot of real-life recordings add extra IRL experiential cache to this podcast pearl

One Minute French: ‘nough said! 60 seconds in French for a lifetime of fluency. Sure, nothing is that easy, but … what if it was…..?

Slow News In French: FAST paced facts, SLOW French. Learn about the World, French National Affairs, Culture, and experience immersive, pedestrial conversation all at a speed geared to new and intermediate level learners. Slow News in French is certainly NOT a snoozer! RFI More news for newer French speakers – RFI offers topical content, well pasted for easy non-Native understanding. Transcripts of major stories are also available. How do you say? Study guide?!

Topical Treats

French 24 Basic French news for brief abroad touch basing. Just what it sounds like – the podcast from this notable News catalogue – site and video hub. Is an apt way to auditorily tune in to the top stories of the day – all 24 hours of it!

France Musique Musique offers several shows and channels suiting all ear palates and preferences. Sooth your beast with the best beats spinning in the club, at the cafe, in the concert halls, and on the streets of Paris and beyond.

France Inter’s culture podcast Behind the music, inside galleries, on the stages, runways, and screens – this perennial French culture standby offers reviews, interviews, and discussions on the current French Cultural diaspora.

Inside Cultural Quirkies:

Distortion Cross-cultural creepfest! Touted as the best spine-tingling French language listen. Distortion explores true crime, paranormal reports, unusual cases, and conspiracies. This French-tastic “boo” is ear-easy-US-accessible on iTunes.

Vos vedettes sur le gril Radio Canada cooks it up HOT! The Francophiles from beyond the Northern Border cook it up weekly in this popular BBQ focused Bro-tastic tasty podcast. Foodies meet French #yum

Les moins pires Laughter is international. Les moins pires is a mix of stand-up, bawdy banter, and a ‘would you rather..?’ like quiz show. Hosted by three comedians and an occasional guest  – this knee-slapper of a listen is a GREAT reason to increase your fluency!

Fill up your listening library today. Share your feedback and any of your faves we should be binging. Language learning is living AND listening. Who says practice can’t be Pod-tastic? Show your fellow LFBK classmates your stuff – join an Adult Class Semester, Social or Culture Gathering before the episode ends!


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