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Looking for French movies? These 5 films stream for FREE! No subscription required

Whether you just finished your favorite TV show and look for a change, or you’re just a curious film watcher, here are a list of our favorite titles streaming for $0 - and with English subtitles. While browsing on free platforms such as Vudu and Tubi, we saw that their French film selection was actually much larger than Netflix’s.

Caramel (Tubi)

Lebanese actress-director Nadine Labaki won the Oscar for Best International Picture in 2018 with Capernaum. Her debut feature, a beautiful comedy about a group of women in modern-day Beirut, is worth watching. Just like its title, it feels comforting and sweet.

Priceless (YouTube, Tubi)

Inspired by the Golden age of Hollywood cinema and the comedies of Frank Capra and Ersnt Lubitsch, Priceless is a clever take on love and deception. The lead roles are played by no less than Audrey Tautou (Amelie) and the comedian Gad Elmaleh.

Django (Tubi)

Guitar player Django Reinhardt was a master at his art, despite losing three of his left fingers in a fire. This elegant biopic offers an unprecedented glance at the jazz scene in Nazi-occupied France, with masterful acting from Reda Kateb.

The Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe (Tubi)

The Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe is to France what The Party is to the United States: a cult comedy that every generation has watched over and over through the decades. Pierre Richard has been praised as one of the best comedic actors in France. If you’re not familiar with his acting yet, this cult classic will make you want to watch all of his filmography!

Laurence Anyways (Tubi)

Xavier Dolan was only 23 when he made this movie, the beautiful portrait of Laurence’s transition from a man to a woman. Told with an epic, grandiose style, with a powerful soundtrack, the film also offers a very sharp glance at today’s Quebec, and a poignant story of identity and desire.

Join our (free!) online film club to talk about French cinema and learn more about these titles and many others. This workshop is open to all! Whether you're a seasoned cinephile, a movie-newbie, or just someone who wants/needs a place to geek out with fellow French film lovers, join us every Saturday at 5pm!

Check out the upcoming schedule below and RSVP here!

  • Saturday, May 9th, 5pm - 2 Autumns 3 Winters

  • Saturday, May 16th, 5pm - Microbe and Gasoline

  • Saturday, May 23rd, 5pm -  My Golden Days

Pre-registration required. Links to stream the films for free will be provided upon registration.


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