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LFBK Teacher Highlight: Souad Bouhayat

Souad Bouhayat is one of the shining stars of the Learn French Brooklyn team. Souad teaches all Adult French language, many of our FREE Trial Classes, and is the artistic mastermind and teacher of the upcoming Literature and Cinema: From Page to Screen Workshop.

Born in Morocco, Souad’s first language was Arabic. A vivacious learner, Souad holds a Master Degree in the Arts. Before joining us at LFBK, Souad taught all levels of French at the University level.

Especially noteworthy (and extra groovy!) is Souad’s academic work on and personal commitment to bringing a voice to the work of lesser known international female writers. Need we say … the Future is Female (and French!) Way to go Souad!

Resume aside: let’s delve deeper, getting to know even more this most enigmatic educator. Souad, the stage is yours!

LFBK: Bonjour Souad! Thanks for chatting with us today. Let’s start off on your experience teaching French, how long have you been doing that?

Souad: 10 years

LFBK: Sensationnel! What is it you like most about teaching French?

Souad: The cultural and literary aspects of the language – those are what make French really come to life.

LFBK: 100% true fluency is not gained by grammar alone. As a teacher, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned from your students?

Souad: Always be prepared and have a plan B.

LFBK: Wise words indeed! I am thinking of your upcoming workshop series: French Film & Literature: From page to Screen and your love of literature: in all that you must have read this past year, what was your favorite French language novel?

LFBK: Sounds like a good pick for a (TEASER ALERT!) French language book club worth holding at a certain French language school in Brooklyn, huh? As cinema is covered in the workshop as well: What is your favorite French language film of all time?

Souad: Les Misérables

LFBK: No coincidence, I am sure that Les Misérables is one of the films you’re going to be covering in the upcoming Film & Literature workshop. Though one might guess this answer given your love of books and movies, but humor us: What does your perfect day-off look like?

Souad: Relaxing and reading my favorite novel or watching my favorite movie.

LFBK: Soundtrack wise, what album might be playing in the background of that perfect day?

Souad: Anything by Enya.

LFBK: OK, how much do you love Enya? For instance – it is Karaoke Night: What are you singing?

Souad: I’ve never tried Karaoke before!

LFBK: Very very last – as take away for our readers: What is the top reason EVERYONE should learn French (Brooklyn)?

Souad: Because it is a romance language – the most ‘romantic’ of all.

LFBK: D’accord! Thank you Souad for all this. And thank you everyone for reading. Catch more of Souad by signing up for classes.

Also, you can enjoy and benefit from Souad’s French culture scholarship (and la passion!) as she ‘directs’ all five installments of LFBK’s French Literature & Cinema: From Page to Screen workshop series.

Stay tuned for more highlights and insights from the LFBK community. Happenings, recommendations, and more are highlighted on our blog.

Fun is as essential to learning as community is a vital part of communication. At LFBK we are well versed in both. See you on Nassau Street!


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