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We Answer The 5 Most Searched Questions About French

Browsing online, it looks like French is a language that raises many questions, by those who speak it as well as those who would like to. So, we have listed the most frequent questions on this subject.

1. How long does it take to learn French?

It depends on… you! There are no easy hacks, and learning isn’t a race. However, the only scientifically proven fact we can mention here is: no matter how long you study, the key is to be consistent. Learning for fifteen minutes a day will do wonders, when studying for three hours once a month will lead you nowhere. That doesn’t mean that you must spend fifteen minutes a day looking at conjugation, you can have fun and alternate grammar and playful language discoveries!

2. Why is French so hard?

Urban legend! It is a language that is certainly more difficult than English, but it has many advantages. First of all, there is no new alphabet to learn. Moreover, a large part of the vocabulary is transparent, i.e. it is more or less the same as in English. Finally, the syntax is often similar to English. What is most often problematic, beyond the grammatical irregularities, is the oral language. Pronunciation is often complex, and comprehension can be confusing at first. But nothing will repel learners who learn at a steady pace.

3. As a beginner, how can I become an intermediate learner?

It is all a question of difficulty. You have to know how to consolidate what you have learned (simple sentences to introduce yourself, to describe yourself and to be understood) while trying to go further. Indeed, the difference between a beginner and an intermediate learner is the complexity, the nuance. You have to be constantly on the lookout for new vocabulary, new expressions.

4. Are classes really helpful to learn?

Some people think that the internet can be enough to learn French. If they have already had exposure to the language or are surrounded by French-speaking friends, it may work. But the reality is that it is very difficult to learn without interaction with an instructor, which is not offered with the internet. The risk is to repeat the same mistakes without correcting them in time. They may become habits and hinder your ability to be understood.

5. What non-conventional ways can I use to improve my French?

Everything is good for learning French! In our courses, we insist on teaching a contemporary, current French language. We use film clips, TV series, and music. You can help yourself by finding our selection of movies here: Five great French films NOT from the French New Wave and there: Five French Titles for Your Christmas Movie Marathon, novels here: Our Favorite French Novels by Women Writers and listening to our Very French Summer playlist!


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