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The Key To Learning French: It Only Takes 15 Minutes

We all have a busy life, filled with work meetings, gym sessions and the get-togethers with friends. Yet some of the most ambitious of us all harbor these high hopes: learning a foreign language.

How do you fit irregular verbs, adjectives and imperfect tense into a busy schedule? We've got the answer.

The key to language learning is not intensity but consistency. Blocking out fifteen minutes in your day, which you dedicate exclusively to French, can be enough to immerse you in learning. Our idea may surprise you, but it's been successful for most people. Of course, this implies dedicating the same amount of time each day, without taking long breaks. Varying the exercises is also an essential part of your learning experience. You need to work on your oral comprehension, pronunciation, verbs… In fifteen minutes of work every day, you can split each aspect in a way that never feels redundant.

Another key aspect is to dedicate a longer period of time (1 to 2 hours) once a week to perform a “weekly review.” Indeed, most learning specialists agree that daily practice is made richer by a consolidation session every seven days. This is true whether you are learning a language, a skill or an instrument. This weekly block is even more dynamic if it is done with the help of another person. This can take the form of a group lesson, an online tutoring session, or a conversation group. The important thing is to measure the progress of the week with the help of another pair of eyes.

Rigor is often the hardest part of starting learning French, and there are many reasons for this. First of all, discouragement is a common threat. Sometimes we don't realize how difficult it can be to deal with a new language. But breaking down the learning process into fifteen-minute chunks helps to keep you from being overwhelmed. Besides, life gets in the way. And it's normal: you are never safe from a work emergency, a cousin who unexpectedly needs to crash on your couch, or a leak in your kitchen. But you will get the idea: this daily fifteen-minute appointment with yourself, in a place of your own that grants you maximum concentration, is the best asset for your learning. Bon courage!


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