Who You Are:

A near Native speaker at the final precipice of the LFBK group class program;

Someone with goals of working in, frequently visiting, or completely relocating to a Francophone Nation;

An art, political, history, literature, and/or French-thusiast eager to discuss your passions with and like a Native

What You’ll Learn:

You’re almost there! With much finesse, you have “advanced” to the study of more nuanced, complex forms of the past and future tenses, as well as creative expression actions and hypotheses. Every session includes reading & discussion of literature and current news articles – in French! You'll learn to:​​

Use past and future tense to communicate creative expression, actions, and hypotheses. Read and discuss topical French media and materials. - plus:


Share ideas in a professional context,

Write a bio, interview someone,

Compare personal experiences and negotiate.

Required Materials:

Saison 3: Textbook and workbook ($70, once per level)

A guide book for your French Adventure! This text book will be your companion all the way through all three beginner courses. This invaluable text is an investment in education. You may purchase the book through us or on your own. If you purchase through us, your book will be waiting for you on day one!

Location & Contact Details


33 Nassau Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11222