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Ages 7 to 10 years old / Grades 2 to 5
September 7, 2024 - December 14, 2024

Takes place every Saturday, total of 14 sessions
Saturdays, 11:00 am - 11:50 am
No class on the following holidays:
Thanksgiving Weekend: 11/30

We're excited to announce our French language group classes for Native and Advanced level students ages 7-10 years old. 


This session is for students who have completed the Intermediate Level 1.4 course, or are currently enrolled in a French dual-language school program and are at a CE1 level of study.


The group meets once a week on Saturdays and complements any French class children are already enrolled in at school.

  • Oral Skills: The program aims to improve the command of the French language through the practice of various exercises. Students improve their oral skills in French by listening to texts read by their teachers, and then by learning to summarize the essential parts of the texts and to ask related questions. The practice of reciting in French according to an appropriate rhythm and intonation is also encouraged.

  • Reading and Writing: The program is organized to gradually lead students to learn letter sounds to gradually learn to read and write words in script and cursive.

  • Vocabulary: Activities aimed at understanding, memorizing, and using new words.

  • French Grammar: The study of grammar concerns first simple sentences. Punctuation marks and their use are also identified and studied. Additionally, students learn to identify sentences, verbs, nouns, articles, qualifying adjectives, and personal pronouns. They also learn to spot verbs and their subjects in a given sentence. Furthermore, students learn to distinguish the present tense from the future and past tenses and learn to conjugate the most common verbs.

  • Spelling: Students learn to write in French respecting the correspondence between letters and sounds and the rules relating to the value of letters, to copy without fault a short text, and to write without error common words.


Required Materials:

Notebook & writing utensils

Location & Contact Details


33 Nassau Avenue, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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