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COVID-19: The Current Situation

We are heartbroken by the situation at home and abroad. After Italy, France has quickly become the second most impacted country in Europe.

In order to help slow the spread of the virus, the French government implemented critical country-wide changes, including the closure of restaurants and bars, and a shelter-in-place order that is expected to last well beyond the original two-week requirement.

Despite strong police presence, citizens in several places around the country are still ignoring shelter in place orders. The reason? In a country where so much of the lifestyle relies on being outdoors (Paris is famous for its beautiful parks and restaurants with outdoor seating), this unprecedented shelter-in-place order is proving difficult on both mental and economic well being.

A few of the changes implemented last week:

  • Residents can only leave their homes to buy food or medicine for themselves or their families, bring food or medicine to the elderly, or to exercise. (There have never been so many joggers on the streets!)

  • To go outside, residents must print and fill out a signed declaration describing why they are outside, to be presented to authorities if stopped.

  • The former Health Minister, who resigned three weeks ago, is facing harsh criticism from political journalists.

  • There is an increasing shortage of masks, especially in hospitals.

  • Some of the largest beauty (LVMH) and alcohol (Ricard) companies have dedicated 100% of their factories to the mass production of hand sanitizer to help with the shortage.

  • At 8 pm every evening, people open their windows and clap in support of healthcare professionals.

We hope you and yours are safe and healthy in this unprecedented time.


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