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Waiting for the Olympics: A Roadmap

Are you among the lucky ones who managed to get a ticket for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

It's the major global event of the year, bringing together tourism, sports competition, entertainment, and media. It's also an opportunity to highlight certain sports rarely mentioned in the media, such as trampoline, archery, modern pentathlon, or the now very popular 3x3 basketball played on half-court.

The biggest media event of the year in the world's most visited city by tourists: the celebration is likely to be magnificent! It's well known that Parisians are elegant, romantic, cultured, and enjoy refined cuisine. They are also known for being great complainers! The sun is shining? "The weather forecast predicts rain soon." A French athlete becomes an Olympic champion? "Pfff... That's for all the others who never get a medal!" Paris is going to host the whole world during the Olympic Games? "That promises even more traffic jams!" and... "The price of espresso will increase again!"

It's as if the only discontent with the Olympic Games in Paris comes from... the Parisians themselves!

Yet the program looks very exciting: the opening ceremony (on July 26th) will take place on the Seine in the heart of Paris near the Grand Palais and the lawns of the École Militaire, providing a magnificent setting for this unique moment where athletes will parade for their country in front of cameras from around the world.

Other extraordinary sites are planned to host sports events:

  • Beach volleyball in front of the Eiffel Tower

  • Skateboarding and BMX at Place de la Concorde

  • Athletics at Les Invalides

Numerous competitions will take place all over France, inviting other cities to join in the festivities, in a country where Paris is often criticized for stealing all the spotlight...

As for equestrian events, they will be held at the Palace of Versailles, and surfing on the mythical wave of Teahupoo in Tahiti (at the other end of the world).

Let's not forget a logo that sets the tone: the Olympics will be feminine!

To the Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger", "Together" has recently been added.

What could be better?


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