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Dreaming of a trip to France in 2021? The government is making it a reality!

Good news for all vaccinated Americans: Emmanuel Macron was interviewed this Sunday on the American channel CBS's Face the Nation. Asked about the gradual lifting of restrictions in France, and the summer vacations, he said he was working on the organization of the summer period, to travel to France as early as June. In his interview President Macron explained: "With French professionals, we will organize the summer for French, European and American citizens (...) We are therefore actively working on a concrete solution, especially for vaccinated American citizens who will be able to benefit, as it were, from a specific certificate." At the rate of vaccination on U.S. soil, it therefore seems reasonable to think that the majority of residents will be able to travel to France if they wish. Why not take advantage of this? Here are a few steps to plan your trip and make the most of this new announcement.

Plan your trip cautiously

Contact your regular hotel. The service industry, in regular contact with the government authorities, will be able to answer your questions regarding cancellation and rescheduling. With most hotels, you can easily agree on a flexible reservation. This will give you more room to organize your trip. Additionally, you will be able to visit the most touristic places with more freedom than usual: as of today, it looks like the US is one of the only countries to benefit from this tailor-made program from vaccinated citizens.

A day in the country

Since there will likely be less tourists than usual, this sounds like a dream opportunity to explore the country and venture outside Paris. Whether you’re interested in the Châteaux de la Loire, the Burgundy region, Claude Monet’s Giverny, it is highly likely that booking a room or a restaurant in these regions will be easier than ever. And it’s much nicer to get to visit the Château de Chambord without any big groups around!

Learning French

For an optimal travel experience, nothing is better than mastering the basics of the country's language. You can sign up for our online French courses to prepare for your trip. Whether you're interested in group classes or individual sessions, you'll find the elements you need to learn French. If you’ve learnt French in the past and want to refresh, we offer frequent refresher classes and workshops, a perfect opportunity to get back to the basics and update your conversation skills.

Bon voyage!


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