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Crack the Francophone Code: Speak like a Native!

American high school students are generally greeted by two choices in Foreign Language studies: French and Spanish. Sometimes Italian is tossed in for good measure, but there you have it. Here are a teenager’s choices that fall into the subjects-to-ignore or pretend-you’re- doing-work-as-you-text categories. Perhaps extra attention is spent in study by those focused on standardized test scores, college ambitions, studying abroad, or general adventures.

Point is, we forget our French. If we turn our language learning memories back to adolescence, what we do recall is punishingly “academic.” Aka “stilted,” “awkward,” and (better yet…) “nerdy.”

Cause to scrap your Paris plans? Keep “mum” at the cafe? Look bashfully at your pedicure in the company of Francophone circles? Nope! At Learn French Brooklyn we have a #noexcuses policy when it comes to topical, modern, and hip (!) French language education.

LFBK teaches students to “Crack the Francophone Code” walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk seamlessly enough to fool French-person they meet!

Get ahead of the Native Speaking game …. Study up to speak up!

  • Bart Simpson might say …. La vache (Holy Cow!)

  • Asking a pal about a tricky day at the office: Tu t’en sors? (How are you managing?)

  • Grumble go to: Je suis crevé / J’ai la flemme (I am tired./I feel awful)

  • International brush-off: bof (whatever)

  • LFBK staff fave: Bobo (A … wait for it …hipster. Skinny jeans and tiny tees or bust!)

Feeling French savvy? You certainly are well on your way to strutting the Rue Denoyez like you were BORN there. Get even closer to going International Cultural Secret Agent by attending a No Commitment French Summer workshop; and/or popping in to Paris plan in our Be a Traveler Not a Tourist: Ultimate Paris Travel Course.

See you on Nassau Avenue!


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