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Paris Travel No-no. NEVER do this in Paris!

Travel tips (like us travelers!) come in ALL shapes and sizes. Best-of-the-Best lists are a dime a Google – thus we @ LFBK present an equally short and essential list of What to AVOID on your Paris Vacation. Get out your red pens, secure your personal carry-ons overhead, fasten your seat belts, extinguish your cigarette, and prepare for lift-off!

Don’t you dare: Visit The Eiffel Tower Shocked? Don’t be! The Eiffel Tower is an icon certainly worth taking in, but you need-not spend the day doing so. The Tower is (literally) viewable from anywhere in Paris (sometimes even from your bathroom!)

Our Parisian Lifestyle and Travel expert Emile Bertherat recommends the Montparnasse Tower as an alternative way to enjoy a 360-degree, bird’s eye view of the City.

Emile says: “From the top floor (of the Montparnasse), you will have an unbeatable perspective on the Eiffel!”

Don’t  spend your Euros on Croissants We’re not counting carbs, we’re preserving your taste buds! Pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins, brioches and viennoiseries are the true tummy-travel-takeaways.

Emile says: “Be adventurous, get out of the croissant comfort zone.”

Don’t thumb it: Just say “non” to cab rides Parisian public transportation is top notch. Subways run every three minutes on most lines (are you paying attention MTA?!) and the stations are clean (clean-clean, not NYC clean, day-time-tv paper towel commercial CLEAN).

Paris is also bike friendly, offering a shared cycle system for those seeking to take in the sights while working their quads. Not primed to pedal? Walking works too!

Emile says: “…if weather permits: no better way to discover a city than with your feet!”

Don’t let street life pass you by: Street side shopping and events Street culture is Paris culture – street markets and fairs are frequent, each one unique, and not to be missed.

Don’t trust Emile? Explore for yourself via the City’s Street Fair calendar. Plot your plodding based in your shopping fancy!

Emile says: “You’d be surprised of what can happen in a week: Poetry Marathon, Record Store Week, Tattoo Fair and countless pop-up shows, sports tournaments…”

Don’t Plan (Leave the ironclad itinerary at baggage claim!) Paris days are best unplanned. Stumble-upon (Perhaps heavy and open-minded between none-too-numerous Vino accompanied pit-stops?) the unexpected and unforeseen – museums, shops, galleries, cafes, and simple beautiful Insta-porn sites.

Emile offers: “I usually tell my friends when they visit this last thing: to keep their last day open…..This last day might be a chance to go back and explore, give some places a second look or a second chance, and venture.”


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