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10 Reasons to Learn French

January is coming to an end and you still haven’t started French even though it was on your list of resolutions. Here are 10 more reasons to get you motivated:

  1. Because you started in high school fifteen years ago and always regretted never continuing

  2. Because you have a new French roommate and you’d like to know what they say behind your back

  3. Because you’ve been to Paris three times but want the full experience for your fourth trip

  4. Because your sister is getting married with François this summer and you want to be able to chat with his guests

  5. Because you always see waiters frowning when you order “un crêpe” at Le Gamin

  6. Because you listen to L’Impératrice and Lomepal non-stop but have no clue what their songs are about

  7. Because you feel bad for all the lost French tourists on Bedford Ave and you want to help them in their mother language

  8. Because you never turn down a good challenge

  9. Because you’ve watched all the French New Wave films with subtitles, and it’s time to turn the subs off

  10. Because it’s the language of love, good food, Jacques Brel, Zinedine Zidane, Agnès Varda, Camus, romance, wine, Angèle, strikes and free healthcare!

It's never too late to #learnfrench. Jumpstart your linguistic resolution with Learn French Brooklyn's group classes or private lessons. All levels now enrolling plus new locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island City!


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