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Finding the Right Way to Successfully Learn a New Language

Setting goals allows you to establish a curriculum and dedicate the necessary time to the new language you want to learn. Whether you work individually with a tutor, in a group class or independently, it is best to set a clear goal for yourself.

Here are the main objectives our students have shared with us, as well as the essential steps that allow you to reach these goals. Obviously, each of these steps require regular work, but you should always keep in mind that these steps will allow you to progress and get to know the language you are studying better.

Goal: I want to chat with my friends in their native language

Many students want to have conversations in their friends’ native language, whether they’re friends you have met while traveling abroad or expats living in your city.

What do you need to achieve to reach this goal?

  • Ideally, you have to be comfortable enough with the sentence structure and verbs of that language that you can express your feelings.

Important steps to reach this goal

  • Divide the work into several themes that you discuss most with your friends (leisure activities, current events, work). Once you have identified these themes, work specifically on the vocabulary and verbs related to these themes.

Goal: I want to talk with my partner's family next time I visit

It’s getting more and more common to have a S/O that speaks a different language. Sometimes the language barrier gets in the way to meeting the family. Learning the language is a meaningful proof of your dedication to the relationship.

What do you need to achieve to reach this goal?

  • Have a sense of idiomatic expressions

Important steps to reach this goal

  • Remember that you are learning to get to know people better, but also immerse yourself in a culture. Get your partner to help you with pronunciation! Working together at home with someone who knows the language and your personality will help you progress faster. Here, listening comprehension is also very important. Have fun: in order to develop your listening comprehension, nothing seems more effective than watching movies and series, first with subtitles, then without.

Goal: I want to move to a foreign country where I don't speak the language.

Global companies often offer positions abroad to senior employees, while local opportunities also motivate people to look outside the borders of their native country. Why not make the big leap?

What do you need to achieve to reach this goal?

  • A strong oral and written expression will probably be required if you want to work for a local company. If your job is 100% in English, you might still want to be able to make friends and navigate with locals in the language of your new life.

Important step to reach this goal

  • To begin your language journey, nothing is better than identifying the most essential areas in your life. It is likely that you will need to shop, find an apartment, and work with colleagues in your new country. Focus on these areas to develop your vocabulary. Set short-term (week by week) and then medium-term (month by month) goals. You will notice your steady progress. You will soon be able to reuse the language you learned from previous weeks to express yourself easily, until you feel confident enough to make the big Move. Also, remember that even though learning that language might seem demanding and sometimes impossible, people have done it before you! It’s all within your reach. The reason why most people give up is because they mix up short-term and medium-term goals. As long as you stay reasonable and dedicate the right amount of time to your study, you will be able to move to the next step confidently.

Important note

You must find a pace that fits your own schedule. It is not always useful to be too ambitious, as you risk exhausting yourself to reach these goals. Sometimes, taking your time increases the pleasure you will have in your learning.


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