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LFBK Bar Night Recap

It was a great evening celebrating with current, former and soon-to-be French students. Many thanks to all those who came out to celebrate the end of the semester and things to come!

Our guests munched, mingled, and mixed it up with a bit of French trivia. Teacher Emile brought down the house with questions that prompted some puzzled scratches of the head, including:

  • Which Hitchcock film is based on a French novel?

  • What do Rene Magritte and Audrey Hepburn have in common?

  • What is Kanye West talking about in the song “I Am God,” when he says the iconic verse “Hurry up with my damn WHAT?”

Congratulations are in order for the night's winners:

  • Team Foie Gras: Students Theo, Alex and Cat stole the show – and went home with some discounts on French classes. Speaking of foie gras, did you know it's often consumed around the holidays in France, but it’s been banned in California? Now you know!

  • Team Pamplemousse: a.k.a. grapefruit won gift certificates, and last but not least;

  • Team Aristochats: Led by dynamic duo, Jeanie and Antonio took home French vino. Cheers!

As we drained our glasses and said au revoir – heads were spinning – high on information and new-friend making.

We’ll see you at the next Learn French BK event! Sign up to receive our current and upcoming event and class details.


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