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Préparez-vous: French is in high demand

If English is to this day the major language of the business world, French should become the most spoken language in the world according to a Natixis study.

Many industries will benefit from this boom, especially in diplomacy and culture. For this reason, learning French seems to be coming back in fashion in the professional world. It is not only about reading Colette or Sartre in their original language, but being able to work on missions in collaboration with French-speaking countries.

Another key factor is the growing presence of the world's largest companies in France. Facebook is incubating startups at Station F, the world's largest incubator, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Netflix and HBO are launching production offices in the city as well, and are currently developing global programs taking place in France. There is a political and economic effort from the French authorities to put France back at the center of the business world. A consequence of this endeavor: French is becoming a major asset when looking for work.

In addition, the African population, which is largely French speaking, will have tripled between 2000 and 2050. This is another reason why, according to the Natixis survey, French will become an essential language in the professional world. French is among the six official languages of the UN. Actually, if you live in New York, the chances you’ve met French-speaking people working there are high. Generally speaking, French will gain in importance in the world of diplomacy. A simple Linkedin search confirms this fact: speaking French is defined as an asset for many positions related to NGOs. Even in the Peace Corps, French is listed as a "scarce skill".

The popularity of French-English bilingual classes in the United States confirms this: parents believe that learning French sets their children up for success. An even more astonishing finding: if you look at the results of the Collegiate Learning Assessment, students of French had the best score in writing, analytical ability and critical thinking. Experts have pointed out that learning the language of Molière has strengthened their attention to language and reflection. A beneficial side effect!


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