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Surviving the Paris Strike

Traveling to Paris during the strike? Know your options!

To everyone traveling to Paris these next few weeks, the ongoing strike looks like a bad omen. But have no fear! There are alternatives to get around in Paris, and you might even enjoy it more than the usual.

The Associated Press


Paris is actually a very bike-friendly city. It is possible to travel across the entire city only through bike lanes. With the strike, thousands of Parisians have adopted biking to go to work. Some people even painted the subway routes on the lanes to help bikers navigate throughout the city. Plus, Paris shouldn’t get too cold to bike. The inexpensive public shared-bike system, which costs much less than the subway, would also save you some bucks.


If you are traveling along the Seine, a great option is to take one of the Bateaux Mouches a.k.a Fly Boats (sightseeing galore!). Some are run by the city and shouldn’t cost significantly more than a bus ticket. You can also combine commuting and dining, and spend some time on a restaurant-boat.


Paris is actually way smaller than you might think. You can cross its center in less than an hour. If you are lucky to stay in a central spot, you may be able to avoid the strike by walking everywhere. Walking is also the best way to discover the city.


The latest sensation in the city! Electric scooters - trottinettes eléctrique - are everywhere. They are easy to use and might offer some relief after a day spent walking or biking.


Not all subway lines are gone! The automated 1 and 14 remain open for the duration of the strike. Conveniently, they stop in most of the touristy spots and train stations. With just these two lines, your commute could be the same as any regular week. With the grumpy Parisians gone on vacation, you might even get a seat.

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