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The Dos and Don’ts of French Learning

You recently started learning French and you are able to form your first sentences. Quel bonheur! But to keep getting ahead, here are some tips on what to do and what to avoid.

Don't be shy with your French-speaking friends

Tell your French-speaking friends that you are learning their language, and send them a few sentences from time to time. Or even better, voice messages. This way, you will have people around you who can help you learn by listening to you speak. Talking to people you know, friends, relatives, is often a motivation to learn a new language, and making them a part of your learning experience can be helpful.

French music is your best ally

Find a French playlist and get into the habit of playing it in the background. It's not just about soaking up the cultural vibe (although that helps!), but also about hearing the pronunciation and identifying expressions while enjoying yourself. This will help you remember important phrases, especially if you have an auditory memory.

Working once a week is a no-go

When learning a language, you need to do continuous work. A little bit of work every day will go a long way, in addition to a weekly 90-minute or 2-hour class. You don't have to block off a lot of time: you can do a pronunciation exercise while cooking, or conjugate some verbs while riding the subway. The idea is simply to find moments dedicated to French in your day.

Do all sorts of exercises

You will feel more comfortable in some areas than others. However, it is important to work on every parts of your new language: grammar, syntax, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, etc. Don't be tempted to work only on what you're good at, because it won't help you in other areas, which are just as important.


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