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French Podcasts and TV Shows

When learning a new language, it is important to immerse yourself in the culture and language as much as possible. This goes beyond simply learning grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, but also includes knowing how to use them properly in multiple contexts and situations.

Some things we recommend to hone your skills are conversing with other speakers, watching movies or TV shows, reading books, or listening to podcasts. When you combine multiple layers of learning, you are more likely to become a stronger, more fluent speaker!

Below are some of our favorite podcasts and TV shows, broken down by fluency level.


Coffee Break French

This podcast is designed for those who recently started learning and want to immerse themselves deeply into the language. The hosts speak in both French and English and discuss topics to help familiarize listeners with vocab and pronunciation.

One Thing French A Day

This podcast is more academic, focusing on explaining how the French language works, how it is spoken, and proper pronunciation. The host is a native speaker and breaks down the main idioms while sharing precious insights.


RFI - Journal en Français Facile

A daily resource, this podcast sums up three current events and includes an additional French transcript. Although RFI is an international radio station funded by the French government, the journalists alternate between French-related pieces and global news.